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These Violent Delights Book Tag

These Violent Delights is one of my most anticipated reads of November 2020, and i have been hearing such awesome praise! If you don’t know what These Violent Delights is, it’s an ownvoices 1920’s Shanghai with a Romeo and Juliet retelling with rival gangs 🔪🔪. I found this tag (that I’m surprised that already exists) on Lauren’s blog, and knew I wanted to take part!

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Juliette Cai – favourite fierce, bloodthirsty heroine


Kyoshi just wants revenge, and she is bloodthirsty and fierce when it came to the man that betrayed her and killed her friends.

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Roma Montagov – favourite soft boi A Song of Wraiths and Ruin (9780062891495): Brown, Roseanne A.:  Books

Malik is just so precious. I love him so much, and needs all the protection he needs from the author and in book 2.

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The Scarlet Gang – a popular book you just couldn’t get into


Oh boy, this is going to be unpopular. I do not get the hype around City of Brass. There was nothing amazing about it, and for basically all throughout the book it dragged. I had no interest in the characters and I just gave it 3 stars because it was decent.

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The White Flowers – your favourite underrated read


Maya is good and it’s one of my favorite book. Less than 500 ratings.

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Shanghai – favourite book set somewhere far away from where you are


WHTF is set in ancient Arabia so that is far away from both time(ish) and the land.

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Monstrous – book featuring a monster/monstrous character


This book has tons of monsters in it, and so much Navajo folklore in it.

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The Madness – a book that you would choose to keep you company during quarantine An Ember in the Ashes (9781595148049): Tahir, Sabaa: Books

I’ve been quarantining for 7 months technically, but I have 2 more extra weeks of Quarantining so AEITA is keeping me company 🙂

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Kathleen – your favourite book featuring political intrigue The Poppy War: A Novel (9780062662569): Kuang, R. F: Books

So much politics are involved and i love it.

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Benedikt and Marshall – a ship you wish would get together *just kiss*

50892004. sy475

This book is so cute and adorable. And it takes them quite a bit to kiss.

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Dorogaya – a book that makes you weak in the knees Anna K: A Love Story (Anna K, 1) (9781250236432): Lee, Jenny:  Books

Even though it’s not exactly a full on rom-com with it tackling a discussion about loads of things, it’s so cute and makes me fall on my knees.

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Ripped Out Throat – a cliffhanger that made you want to rip out your own throat


This book isn’t so bad, but that ending-I need to start book 3 immediately.

I tag: Fanna/Leelynn/Tiffany

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