2020 Book Blogger Awards Nominations

Woah, who am I for actually being on track with something? I’m actually a little surprised because I procrastinate a lot so this is really scary. Also, my motivation has either been play sims or write a whole bunch of blog posts which is where I am at, when I’m writing this.

This year, both May @ Forever and Everly and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books decided to team up and do the 4th Annual 2020 Blogger Awards! I’m so excited, because I get to talk about all these amazing bloggers I know & love and for once, I did not miss it! Last year I was in Cali so there’s that.

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Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19):

Brianna @ Brianna’s Books and Randomness: I check out her blog quite a bit, and honestly I’m impressed. I’m really surprised she doesn’t have a lot of followers, but she talks about a lot of good books.

Chloe @ Marshmallow Pudding: Have any of you seen her blog? It’s so pretty, and I love her blog posts quite a bit, talking about books and other stuff like photography.

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Best Adult Book Blogger (20+):

Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads: I’ve been following Leelynn for a while, and she is an amzing person! She has one of the best blogs I have seen (mostly because mermaids are awesome), but she is one of the kindest people I know.

Kait @ Kait Plus BooksI’ve just discovered Kait’s blog and I am OBSESSED. I love the color scheme, and her posts are seriously really amazing!  I always want to keep reading what Kait writes, and I seriously believe she is one of the best adult book blogger there is!

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Young Adult:

Miri @ The Book DragonessMiri talks about YA Books mostly, and she is one of the best genre bloggers I know. Her voice, the way she writes and the books she talks about. 

Mandy & Sha @ Book Princess ReviewsIt’s a good thing we can nominate the same blogger twice, because Mandy and Sha are two excellent people when it comes to YA and Middle Grade books. 

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Middle Grade or Younger:

Mandy & Sha @ Book Princess Reviews: Same reason as above. 

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Best Book Reviews:

Kay @ Hammock of Books: I seriously love Kay a lot. I love her blog, and her posts quite a bit. But all in all, her reviews are one of the amazing thing I say and I always trust what Kay has to say!

Krisha @ Bookathon: I love Krisha’s blog all in all, but the one thing that always draws me in with her blog is her reviews. Her reviews are steller, and I put quite a bit of books on my TBR because of her. 

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Best Book Recommendations:

Ari @ Books. Libraries. Also, cats.: Her reasons on why you should the book should be on your TBR is so awesome when it comes to Can’t Wait Wednesday. Some of my books on my TBR is due to her blog. 

Sahi @ My World of BooksI get most of my recommendations from Sahi. Her blog content is awesome, and she always brings about books that I have not even heard of, and makes it sound so awesome! I know to trust Sahi’s judgment especially as I discovered some of my favorite books by her. 

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Best Discussion Post:

Em/Zainab @ Em’s Bookish Musings: has one of the best discussion posts I have seen. I love her opinions, and the fact that she has her own series is just wonderful! 

Faith @ Pages Left UnreadFaith always has some type of interesting discussion post and it’s seriously amazing! Those discussions are so interesting, and they always has something new I never thought of before!

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Best Blog Aesthetic: 

Octavia @ Mermaid Reads: I love Octavia as a person, but her blog aesthetic is so cool! She even named her blog after mermaids (and mermaids are awesome btw), and it just gives me an undersea adventure which is amazing!

CW @ The Quiet Pond: If you haven’t heard of the Quiet Pond, I’m surprised.the Quiet Pond runs a fantastical blog with magical animals who live at the pond. The artwork she makes is amazing especially for the blog!

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Best Blogging/Writing Voice:

May @ Forever and EverlyMay has a very unqiue blogging voice that makes me gravitate towards her blog posts. 

Rae @ The Educated NegraI’ve been looking at Rae’s blog for a while, and I seriously love her voice especially when it comes to book reviews and WWW Wednesday. I instantly want to read more of her posts after I finish, and her voice is so awesome!

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Most Helpful (someone who posts thoughtful blogging guides/advice):

Clo @ Cuppa Clo:  Clo posts some amazing guides when it comes to stuff, and I may or may not use them. 

Kal @ Reader VoraciousKal is the most organized person I know. She has a tab for guides, and has templates and stuff which is extremely helpful to the book community!

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Most Engaged in the Community:

Your Tita KateKate is one of the most engaged people I know in the book community in general! She’s amazing as a person and I really look up to her! 

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Most Creative (creative/original posts):

Aria @ Book Nook Bits: I love Aria so much, and her content is amazing! She comes up with the most unique posts I’ve seen which is centered around books, but those ideas are so unique and I enjoy reading them!

Maddy @ Radiant Reading ReviewsMaddy has a variety of bookish content which I have amazing every time I visit her blog! Her posts are really creative when it comes to bookish content and I just love that!

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Best Social Media Influencer:

Rameela @ Star is All Booked Up: Rameela is one of my favorite people, and one of my best friends. She is one of the most amazing social media influencer I know, and the fact that she is now a rep at Fae Crate is really awesome!

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Best Personality

Bea @ Books BeesBea has one of the best personalities all around. She is kind, her blogging voice is amazing including her blog. She is an amazing person all around. 

Sammy @ We Write At DawnI was looking at Sammy’s posts and honestly she is so cheerful, positive and honestly just makes her personality so awesome! 

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Friendliest Member of the Community:

Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany: Tiffany is one of the kindest, sweetest person I know. She’s always there, so supportive of everyone and she’s easy to talk too!

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Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Fadwa @ Word Wonders: I’ve been glancing at Fadwa’s blog for a while, and there’s always diverse books that I have never even heard of before. She always promotes marginalized voices and I think that’s just wonderful.

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Best New Book Blogger (started blog after August 2019): 

Kayla @ Thousands of PagesI’ve been following Kayla’s blog for a while and honestly she is amazing! Her content is seriously so amazing, and I’m actually really surprised that she does not have that much followers, because her blog is amazing and so is she!

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Best Overall Book Blogger [two winners!]

Nandini @ Novels and NebulasNandini’s blog is really awesome! I love her content, her work that she does and the impactfulness that she has in the book community especially her book club, Stars & Sorcery. 

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I wasn’t able to nominate everyone, and I’m probably forgetting quite a bit of my favorite bloggers of all time. Book Bloggers do amazing and often, underrated work and I wish I could nominate everyone. Book Bloggers are amazing and I’m proud of everyone! 


27 thoughts on “2020 Book Blogger Awards Nominations”

  1. I never dreamt I would get nominated for the Best Overall Blogger category, so this is better than a dream come true for me! Thank you so, so much for thinking of me, Lori. 💖 Most of my faves are on here but there are a few names I don’t interact with, so I’m off to fix that. 😊


  2. omg thank you so much for nominating me! i definitely didn’t expect to be nominated for anything this year, but it really means a lot! 🙂


  3. Ohh Lori that’s so sweet of you!!! As someone who is always scared of writing recommendation posts, I’m so happy to know that you like them. You have made my day 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh thank you so much for writing such a great post with so many lovely things to say about these bloggers!! there are definitely so many i need to check out from here 🥺 and of course, thank you so much for nominating me for an award! i am seriously so honored 😭💖

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh Lori thank you so much for the nomination!! I’m so flattered and honored to be on this list alongside such amazing bloggers ❤ And best reviews??? I love writing reviews but honestly they get much less love than other posts so hearing that you like my reviews is so amazing ❤ I love May, Kal, Tiffany, and so many other bloggers on this list and now I have more to check out!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hallo, Hallo Lori,

    What a wonderful noms list!! I only saw one blogger I know of – which means I get to discover a whole lot of new bloggers!! I’ve included your post on my mini blogroll underneath my own list of noms as I wanted to help everyone find the posts!! Also, this is my first year participating and I love the community aspect of the experience. The book blogging community is such a kind one to become involved in whilst I like reading different perspectives on the books we’re all reading and discovering together.

    Perhaps we share some mutuals on my noms list?

    Liked by 1 person

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