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The Zumra Book Tag

Yes, I’m doing The Zumra Book tag again! This time, I was tagged by Fanna to do this tag!The creator of this book tag was Rameela over at Star Is All Booked Up!

Zafira Bint Iskandar: an emotionally driven character


Have you met Kyoshi?! She is the most emotionally driven character especially when it came to the man who betrayed her. 

Untitled design (1)

Nasir Ghameq: angsty boy a character who’s at war with themselves The Weight of Our Sky (9781534426085): Alkaf, Hanna: Books

Melati is constantly at war with herself with the dijinn in her brain and trying to become the person who the dijinn can’t control. Untitled design (1)

Kifah Darwish: a foodie character or book with lot of food With the Fire on High (9780062662835): Acevedo, Elizabeth: Books

Emoni is such a foodie, and she creates a lot of wonderful food. 

Untitled design (1)

Benyamin Haadi: A book with a “mom” character The Gilded Wolves: A Novel (The Gilded Wolves, 1)  (9781250144546): Chokshi, Roshani: Books

Laila is such a mom character. Untitled design (1)

Altair Al-Badawi: a secretive character

44278885. sy475

Untitled design (1)

Deen Ra’ad: a simp a pure cinnamon roll I Love You So Mochi (9781338302882): Kuhn, Sarah: Books

All the characters especially Kimi and Akira. 

Untitled design (1)

Yasmine Ra’ad: a character you wouldn’t want on your bad side


Rin is terrifying, and I don’t feel like pissing her off. 

Untitled design (1)

Lana bint Iskandar: a character who had to grow up too quickly


I’m not going to saying anything but Nala had to grow up quickly. 

Untitled design (1)

I tag anyonoe who wants to do this tag!

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