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The Behind the Blogger Tag

Still so glad that school is almost over ish. If I get something figured out. I was tagged by the lovely Ashlee to do The Behind the Blogger Tag! Thanks so much! 


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Why Did You Start Blogging? & Why Have You Kept Blogging?

I started blogging in 2017 to talk about one of my favorite things-books. Even though I started when I was thirteen, and didn’t have that much love towards blogging since I was in it for all the wrong reasons. Eventually, after things happened to me-I started it back up in 2018, sharing my thoughts around books while screaming about them which is where I’m at now.

I kept blogging because I’ve met a lot of lovely people and changed what I wanted my blog to me-I wanted to scream more about all these diverse books to help put a main focus instead of the white, cis, straight females/males focus that is still quite present.

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What Is Your Favorite Type of Blog Post to Write?

I love discussions, but I just really like writing more fun posts centering books the most because it just brings something unique to my blog, while also screaming about some of these books that more people should love and read ❤. 

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What Are Your Top Three Favorite Blog Posts You Wrote?

Hardships of being a Teen Influencer-discusses on a lot of the hardships I have found while being a teen influencer. It was a post I wanted to write for a while, but I didn’t know where to start. Eventually, the ideas wrote iteself in its post and I just went along with it.

Books that Defined ME in the Last Decade-This was such a fun post to write as I look upon myself during the last decade which really wasn’t much because I was still reading Harry Potter, and Twilight for a while).

My Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim Review was seriously something I loved writing even to this day. It’s one of my favorite reviews I’ve done and I just poured my heart and soul into why it was one of my favorite books of 2019.

So I’m breaking what it says, because I just want to scream about my lovely book review of We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal especially as it’s been one year since this lovely book existed and easily became one of my favorite books.

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What Are Some of Your Favorite Things to Do to Relax?

I would say writing, but my whole identity primarily gets erased. Reading defiantly helps me relaxed as long as it’s for pleasure and something I’m into instead of school and how they like to suck enjoyment out. Music is seriously my life and also helps me relax and be productive. 

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What Are Three of Your Favorite Things?

Books, Music and riding my bike .

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What Are Your Proudest Blogging Moments?

Asking a few authors to let me interview them about their book which was one of my favorite things. Getting to 500 followers was a huge milestone, getting ask to participate in a few blog tours for books were also really good.

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What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Blogging?

Minus blogging, it’d probably be reading and writing fanfic.

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Describe Your Personality in Three Words

Uhh-just three words. Help me. Introverted, Hard-working, anger (the last one is almost always true; I’m usually frustrated about something).

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What Are Your Top Three Pet Peeves?

I actually can’t handle anyone touching me. My family invalidating my life & behavior and always putting it as because I’m a teenager. Slow people (I hate those people).

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What’s Something Your Followers Don’t Know About You?

I rely on caffeine a lot just to get somewhere. I’m always drinking tea or pop just to even put up with people or be productive.

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I tag: Kay/Sara/Star/Leelynn

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