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April 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

Isn’t me or this month dragged when it got closer to the end. Like I didn’t care that it was going by quick since the next thing I knew it was the middle, but it’s now dragging.

Stuff That Happened This Month:

  • Anyone want to be in my place to send out emails expecting someone to help me? I’m tired of putting up with the counselors and their bullshit when they decided to insult and criticized during a google meet up for next year’s schedule. A grown ass man attacking a student like that? I’m hurt a lot and I’m trying to get someone to believe me which doesn’t go so well.
  • School is canceled for the end of the year with the chance of not possibly returning in the fall. At least, I know the day we’ll be picking up stuff as long as that does not change.
  •  I’m still in lockdown until May 8th because of the county I live in extended it (it makes since since we’re one of the highest), even though things are starting to open back up this week under strict guidelines. Also, wearing a mask is decent but it gets stuffy after a while.
  • My cat took off his cast and it was hilarious, but it took him a few days for him to walk on it. Nice a surprise to see him walking when I woke up one day and I thought I was seeing things when my cat was meowing to get out of my room.

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Reviewed Books:

Anna K by Jenny Lee: Image result for 3 out of 5 black stars


Mini-Review: Anna K follows Anna Karenina retelling set among the rich  and privileged folks of New York. This book featured a lot of cheating, but it also made how people are affected by the cheating. The cheating is the plot in this book so the book is plot-focused a lot. The characters suffered from it, as I didn’t get too much connection with the characters. The best part was the type of bonds there was in this book, it made me so excited because it’s so rare to see familial bonds and friendships in books! The writing was a little rough with how dense, but the slang/pop-culture references fit into this book. 

TW: leaked sex tape, sex, alcohol, cheating (physical & emotional), on-page death of main character, death of animal, car accident, depression, drug use, drug overdose

Rep: Half-Korean MCs, Black MC, Jewish MC, Anxiety MC, Depression MC

Heartstopper Vol. 3 by Alice Oseman: 773f2-star5

43449920. sy475

Mini-Review: I’m completely trash for this series and it shows. I loved how much queerness is involved in this book and the issues that comes with it. This volume talking a little bit about some of the dark spots that is involved and I think it’s really important for these issues to be addressed. 

TW: Eating disorder – discussion, behaviour, and one scene in which a character passes out, One brief reference to past self-harm, Brief references to past bullying

Rep: Queer Cast, Gay MC, Bisexual MC, Trans-side character, F/F in the background, Possible A-spec side character, M/m relationship, POC side characters (Asian/Black/ Brown), Fat Side character

A Dream So Dark by L.L McKinney: Related image


Mini-Review: This book was really enjoyable, and I had a grand-time reading it! I feel like this book was a little bit better in terms of everything especially the characters and the world-building. Finding out, Alice is a bisexual POC is awesome! The world-building was added on and I knew a little more about the whole royalty of the queens and the knights. The ending did feel a little rushed with the climax, but I’m so happy that there is a third book!

TW: Death of a parent (mentioned), blood, gore, fantasy violence

Rep: Bisexual Side Character, QPOC MC, POC side characters

The Hand on the Wall by Maureen Johnson: Related image


Mini-Review: I really enjoyed this finale of the Truly Devious. It was such a worthwhile book that explores the disappearance of Alice after the last mystery was solved. I was deeply invested with the disappearance of Alice because that kind of mystery was so well-explored. The characters are hard to connect with, but I learned to love their quirky, odd selves as the series went on. The anxiety rep. makes me feel like a smol bean. 

TW: social anxiety, anxiety, panic attacks, murder, death, enclosed spaces (tunnels, small rooms etc.), alcoholism, dissection, smoking, child birth

Rep: Anxiety (General, Anxiety)

The Reader by Traci Chee: Image result for 4 out of 5 stars


Mini-Review: This book was so unexpectedly so good! I enjoyed every second of it, despite having a slow pacing to it. With the slow pacing, it developed the world-building and writing. It was so detailed and layered that it’s only the surface and I really hope, it’d be improve in the next two books. The characters were so good, but I can’t but feel like they should be been a little more developed especially Sefia. 

TW: blood, cannibalism, death, gore, kidnapping, panic attacks, suicide mention

Rep: Asian MC

The Speaker by Traci Chee: Image result for 4 out of 5 stars


Mini-Review: This book was so good! It was a huge improvement from the first book, and I’m just honestly scared for the next book! The world-building was built upon more and I loved that each book has developed this rich, fascinating story. The writing is really so beautiful, and lush that it is so hard not to love it! I love the characters so much even if they truly do not deserve this kind of suffering especially Archer. The plot was so good and tight-nicked, despite me not being connected with this book for a little over 200 pages. 

TW: abuse, addiction, gore, manipulation, murder, panic attacks, PTSD, suicide attempt, torture, violence

Rep; Asian MC, PTSD MC, POC side characters, Bisexual MC, Queer side characters

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3: Crushed by G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa, Elmo Bondoc: Related image

23546843. sy475

Mini-Review: I appreciate how quick these novels are. I feel like this series is merely okay, but I’m enjoying how it goes even if it feels okay to me. I’ve noticed that the artwork was different and didn’t really seem to fit and kinda drew me out of the story. The crossovers between other Marvel characters is the best and I really enjoy how that is. I couldn’t connect too much with the romance because it did kinda seem a little forced and rushed. 

TW: Fantasy Violence, Kidnapping

Rep: Pakistani Side characters+MC, Muslim Cast

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Book Tags/Discussion/Blog Tours/Memes:

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Can’t Wait Wednesday: The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed

Can’t Wait Wednesday: Hunted by the Sky by Tanaz Bhathena

Can’t Wait Wednesday: The Silence of Bones by June Hur

Can’t Wait Wednesday: The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

Can’t Wait Wednesday: A Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa Tahir

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May’s TBR:

Because May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage month, I’ll be mainly reading Asian books from my pile. I Love You So Mochi (9781338302882): Kuhn, Sarah: Shadow of the Fox (9781335145161): Kagawa, Julie: BooksChainbreaker (Timekeeper, #2) by Tara SimFirestarter (Timekeeper #3) by Tara SimThe Wolf of Oren-Yaro by K.S. Steel Crow Saga (9780593128220): Krueger, Paul: There's Something about Sweetie (9781534416789): Menon From Twinkle, with Love (9781481495417): Sandhya Menon When Dimple Met Rishi (9781481478687): Menon, Sandhya Of Curses and Kisses (St. Rosetta's Academy 10 Things I Hate about Pinky (9781534416819): Sandhya Color Me In eBook: Díaz, Natasha: Kindle The Stars and the Blackness Between Them An Ember in the Ashes (9781432850340): Sabaa Tahir: The Tiger at Midnight (9780062869210): Teerdhala The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch) (9781492635857 The Archer at Dawn (Tiger at Midnight Book 2) eBook ...

Untitled design (1) A Dream So Dark (The Nightmare-Verse) (9781250153920 ...The Reader (The Reader Trilogy Series #1) by Traci Chee, Paperback ...The Speaker (The Reader Trilogy Series #2) by Traci Chee ...The Storyteller (The Reader Trilogy Series #3) by Traci Chee ...Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed - Comics by Dear Haiti, Love Alaine (9781335777096): Moulite ...Untitled design (1)

Year of the Asian, a 2020 Reading Challenge. Hosted by CW, Lily, Shealea, and Vicky Anna K: A Love Story (9781250236432): Lee, Jenny: As Kismet Would Have It eBook: Sandhya Menon: Kindle StoreThe Knockout by S.A. PatelThe Reader (The Reader Trilogy Series #1) by Traci Chee, Paperback ...The Speaker (The Reader Trilogy Series #2) by Traci Chee ...The Storyteller (The Reader Trilogy Series #3) by Traci Chee The Way You Make Me Feel (9780374304089): Goo, Maurene ...

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Reading Progress:

I think this my first month of actually reading my goal. This month I managed to read 60/200 books which is really impressive especially as I was aiming to reach to 55 books! I’ve read 3 ARCs, 2 Graphic Novels, 3 Black Authors, 1 Latinx author, 7 Asian authors and 4 Rereads! Anna K: A Love Story (9781250236432): Lee, Jenny: BooksHeartstopper Volume Three eBook: Alice Oseman: A Dream So Dark (The Nightmare-Verse) (9781250153920 The Hand on the Wall (Truly Devious) (9780062338112 Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices) (9781416975861 Clockwork Prince (9781406330359): Clare, Cassandra: - Clockwork Princess. - Clare, Cassandra - Chain of Gold (1) (The Last Hours) (9781481431873 As Kismet Would Have It eBook: Sandhya Menon: Kindle Cinderella Is Dead (9781547603879): Bayron, Kalynn: BooksThe Knockout by S.A. PatelThe Reader (The Reader Trilogy Series #1) by Traci Chee, Paperback ...The Speaker (The Reader Trilogy Series #2) by Traci Chee ...The Storyteller (The Reader Trilogy Series #3) by Traci Chee Never Look Back (9781547603732): Rivera, Lilliam: BooksMs. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed - Comics by The Way You Make Me Feel (9780374304089): Goo, Maurene Dear Haiti, Love Alaine (9781335777096): Moulite Diamond City: A Novel (City of Steel and Diamond ...

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Around the Blogosphere:

Caitlin shared a list of books that primary focuses on F/F pairings. If you’re looking to find some great F/F or if you haven’t been actively finding and are one of the annoying person that makes those tweets this is for you. 

Happy Ramadan, my fellow friends! If you’re looking to find SFF books by Muslim Authors than Umairah created a list of SFF books by Muslim authors!

We’re still in very uncertain times right now, but it’s an excellent time to read some of these wonderful YA Contempories that will uplift your mood during these times that Priyasha created!

I really love supporting AOC especially since it helps brings a little more of these stories in. May highlights a lot of wonderful books by AOC instead of just primary reading white authors. 

Clap When You Land is one of my most anticipated reads for May (or well this month since it’s May). Ari wrote about why she is excited for the book and reasons why it should be on your TBR!

Matching outfits to covers is something I really love seeing as it recently became a trend because it looks so cool. Norees created a post where she matched her outfits with some books and it looks awesome!

Since it’s Ramadan, and it’s a perfect time to uplift the Muslim community and Muslim authors! Fadwa created over 100+ books that ranges from Middle Grade, YA, Adult and Non-Fiction all by Muslim authors!

Brandy Colbert is one of the authors I rarely read and I’ve been meaning to pick up her newest book, but due to circumstances right now-I won’t be reading it any time soon, but I did put it on hold. Faith has shared her review on The Only Black Girls In Town and four reasons why this books should be on your TBR!

Once Upon an Eid is one of the books I’m now eagerly waiting and I seriously want it in my hands right now which is because Rameela shared her review of this upcoming anthology centering Muslim voices!

May is Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage moth (though, why couldn’t Pacific Islander have their own separate month?), and there is an Asian Readathon going on to help boost these voices and books! Kayla is participating in the Asian Readathon, and she shared her TBR for the readathon (a lot of them are really good!)

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How was April for you? Did you read any good books that you want to scream about? Have you read any of these books? Tell me in the comments!

About the Blogger:


Lori is an advocate for all things diverse to help those who are in the margins. She loves reading, but music holds a dear place in her heart. She is a teenager in high school, a feminist, and is in the LGBTQ+ community. Uses she/her or they/them pronouns 🌈

You can find me on: Twitter/Instagram/Goodreads

8 thoughts on “April 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up”

  1. aahh the excitement i felt when i saw the stars and the blackness between them on your tbr list for this month!! i hope you love it, i get so happy when i see more people reading it 🥺🥺 and ah my school is also canceled for the rest of this school year! (though it’s ending in like two weeks haha) i hope you get to read & love all the books on your tbr for may, and thank you so much for linking to my post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love The Stars and the Blackness between them and it’s just one of my favorite f/f romances there is. It’s going to be my second time reading it, and it’s seriously one of the most underrated books I have seen. I wish more people knew about it, because it’s seriously so good ❤.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you so much for mentioning my post, Lori! I think we had the same thoughts on Anna K! it was definitely plot-driven, which is rare for a contemporary book, but since I’m a character-driven reader, it deterred my enjoyment a little. But I agree that the writing style is really fun to read. I hope you’re enjoying your May reads! Yay for Asian books 🎉 I’m currently reading There’s Something About Sweetie, and it’s such a good contemporary!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s Something About Sweetie is one of my favorite contemporary books.. It’s seriously so good and I can not wait to read the third book and hope it lives up just like There’s Something about Sweetie.

      Liked by 1 person

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