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Blog Tour (Star Spotlight): Francesca from Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories (Indifferent Ignorance)

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Y’all this one is a little bit different, because it’s a blog tour, but it really feels like a Star Spotlight feature where I kinda decided to do it every other week, with how low the participants are. (Feel free to email me about it at or on Twitter (@LorisBookshelf).

Princess and the Dragon and other stories follow a certain fairytale. Which of the fairytales is your favorite  (could be in the book or outside)

The fairy tales I remember most from when I was small are The Little Match Girl in a Hans Christen Andersen collection, and Snow White and Rose Red from a generic collection. I don’t know if they would be my favourite if I read them now; the little match girl dies of cold and I think Snow White and Rose Red adopt a bear? Or the prince turns into a bear? I can’t remember but fairy tales are weird. That’s what I like about them!

Out of the three kingdoms, which one of them is your favorite and why?

I think the Kingdom of Mirrors is probably my favourite, because it’s hot, noisy and really colourful. It’s the most overtly magical. It’s the one I spent the most time working on in terms of architecture, although I stole a lot from the work of Gaudí when I visited Barcelona… The Valley of Dreams and Stormhaven were inspired more by the Ionian Islands of Greece, which I’ve been to a lot so worked mostly from memory. Thank you, southern Europe!

Which of the characters remind me of you.

I don’t know if any of the characters in The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes are like me, particularly. I was a lot like Amelia when I was 14 or 15—very self-confident in what I thought I could do with the world. These days I’m more of a Richard—give me a book and leave me in a corner please!

Describe your story in 5 words.

Colourful. Magical. Surprising. Off-kilter? 

If money was no limit, what would you do? 

I’d have The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes made into a book and ebook, and send copies to libraries and schools (and hide copies in coffee shops). I’d commission a wicked cool map of the Three Kingdoms to include in the book, like you get in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. I love a map.

On a personal note, I’d go on holiday!

How did you get into fairytales?

I think I had a lot of fairy tale collections when I was a child; I seem to remember reading them at my grandparents’ house. The inspiration behind The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes came a few years ago, after seeing lots of memes and thought posts online about how a lot of fairy tales feel outdated. These days, princesses rescue themselves… it got me thinking what a fairy tale would look like if I were to write one. It looks like this book, I suppose!

Francesca contacted me about participating in the blog tour that she is hosting in July and August. And I decided to go with it. She is hoping to self-publish her book, and I have read the first four chapters that is right now available on her site.

This is a blog tour with a twist because I’m releasing the book chapter-by-chapter on Patreon, in order to self-publish the book and ensure I can pay suppliers fairly for their work (I don’t think ‘self-published’ should mean ‘shoddily published’ and aim to ensure the completed book is as professionally put together as a traditionally-published one). The prologue and first three chapters of The Princess and the Dragon and Other Stories About Unlikely Heroes are available for everyone to read on my stories blog; I’m sharing one new chapter per fortnight with my patrons until early 2020.

You can find Francesca’s at her literacy stationary business, Francesca’s Words, and her blog, Indifferent Ignorance.


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